AtlasPower™ Floor Mount System

Sometimes you simply need more information on the floor

AtlasPower™ PILLARplus™ with Lightweight Base

Floor Mounting System
The 45” tall and elegant TabletArmor PILLARplus 50° tilt pole mounting system has everything you need for a simple standalone floor digital display or movable tablet kiosk. The lightweight base is ideal for light duty applications, such as tradeshows kiosk, lobby kiosk or pop-up information stations.

AtlasPower™ PILLARplus™ with Heavy Base

Floor Mounting System
The PILLARplus has a 50° tilt and stands 45” tall. Equipped with a heavy base this pole kiosk works well in high traffic public areas. The base weighs 28 lbs. and sits on four rubber feet. The rubber feet are important so liquid does not get trapped underneath the base from unwanted spills or liquid used in floor mopping.

Motion Adapter


Fixed and Swivel Motion
The Motion Adapter attaches seamlessly to the back of all TabletArmor enclosures. The Fixed and Swivel Motian Adapter limits motion only to landscape or portrait mode.

Adjust to landscape and portrait mode with one smooth turn. The Swivel Motion Adapter has counter resistance that provides an easy but stable transition from landscape to portrait. Maximize your application using by the versatile Swivel Motion


Swivel and Tilt Motion
The Swivel and Tilt Motion adapter attaches smoothly to the back of all TabletArmor enclosures. The Swivel and Tilt Motion Adapter allows the user to adjustment to angle of tilt to the desired position. The swivel motion gives on demand landscape or portrait mode to match the application orientation.

Let the PILLARplus™ be the pillar of you next floor mount Tablet Kiosk application!


Elegant 45” tall pole mount system
Available in black and white color
Custom colors available
Supports all TabletArmor enclosure
Cable are enclosed within the hollow tubing
Fixed and swivel mount motion adapter
Optional swivel and tilt mount motion adapter
Lightweight base
Optional 28 lbs. heavy base



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