We know how to connect the dots

when providing seamless software integration for our customers
INDUCOMP provides pre-shipped integration services on the hardware bought from INDUCOMP. Customers can provide an OS image, application image or software program they want to be duplicated on each INDUCOMP device. INDUCOMP will pre-load the software, test and pre-configure the BIOS. Customers will receive the device is ready for deployment upon arrival. This integration service saves our customers time and money.

If need a special configuration for your product please contact a member of our Integration Service team. Send us your scope of work and let our Integration Service team go to work for you today!

Operating System Integration

  • Windows, Android, IOS support
  • Install OS Updates
  • Customer OS Image duplication
  • Custom OS setup, pre and post install
  • Embedded OS customization
  • OS to hardware compatibility testing

Application Integration

  • Install Customer Applications
  • Install Hardware Drivers
  • Customized Application Settings
  • Application Testing

Bios Integration

  • BIOS customization from board manufacture
  • Customer specified BIOS setup.
  • BIOS and firmware updates
  • BIOS testing


instead of your IT staff?


So you don't use your precious IT staff to do what INDUCOMP can do at the factory

So you don't have to unbox, then rebox

So your product is ready to deploy upon arrival


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