Is your Supply Chain Managment the Elephant in the room?

INDUCOMP provides full end-to-end OEM and Supply Chain Management for our valued customers. Out goal is to keep you focused on your core business and let us handle the delivery systems needed to insure you have working computer hardware when you need it and where you need it.

Material Planning

Utilizing MRP systems are vital to the manufacturing process to ensure materials and components are received to manufacture the product. It is also vital when you mix products that are manufactured by INDUCOMP and are combined with other vendor’s products. This becomes a much more complex task to ensure on-time deliveries to our customers. INDUCOMP uses state of the art MRP systems to calculate needed material and components, verifying on-hand inventory and identifying components needed for production. Through this planning, we try to smooth out the forecast and delivery of products to our customers.

Warehouse & Fulfillment

INDUCOMP is a full-service fulfillment company. We can warehouse and fulfill orders on six contents, North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Our extended fulfillment services included product kitting, custom labeling, blind shipping, and web-based private portal tracking. Through our OEM web-based portal, we can respond to the needs of our customers by sending automated e-mail response to your customers to let them know their packages are in transit, a private shopping site that only includes the products that you want your customer to reorder from you, DOA support and quick ship replacement support.

Procurement & Integration

To streamline procurement and Integration some of our larger customers require INDUCOMP to simplify ordering by interfacing digitally from their own punch-out online catalog to our procurement system. INDUCOMP can automate this process along with invoicing and payment via secured EDI, XML, cXML and API technology. Seamless integration saves money and time for our customers and assures we get orders in a timely manner.


Creating a supply chain distribution network is essential when trying to coordinate manufactured goods and off the shelf commodity products that are used during a roll-out or continuous demand projects. INDUCOMP works with its various distribution partners to smooth out the flow of goods from various points around the globe to our manufacturing and distribution facilities. This distribution gives our customers protection against the uncertainty of demand, forecasting errors, supply disruptions, and demand spikes. For many of our customers, we not only make the production but install the product for them. These services involve teams around the globe installing equipment at the same time. Not having a product when it is needed can cripple any roll-out and cost thousands of dollars. Being in business for decades has helped us create a reliable distribution supply chain distribution network that benefits our customers.

Repairs & Returns

Repair and Returns or as it is known today as reverse logistics is sometimes overlooked in the selection of an OEM and Supply Chain provider. Product returns and timely replacements is an important task that needs to be effectively dealt with. INDUCOMP’s online return management system provides our OEM customers with timely analysis to understand if there is an issue with the product, improper installation or improper use of the product. Real-time data can be access by our OEM partners through their own customized portal. Our RMA web-based systems allow the end-user to quickly return items for repair and to have an option to re-order spares if needed. These back-side systems are essential to managing the supply chain inventory. An undiagnosed product problem in the field can quickly deplete inventory scheduled for other installations. Our back-end systems are designed to create a smooth process for our OEM customers and their end-user customers.

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