Seven Powerful XpandIT Peripherals

Grow the capabilities of your tablet like never before

Xpanded Functionality

Making the most of your tablet

The XpandIT controller board communicates and powers all XpandIT peripherals. It expands the tablet USB or lightning port so you can run single or multiple peripherals on your tablet. The easy to use and powerful SDK communicates to the Apple, Windows and Android Tablets.

The XpandIT controller board is neatly secured inside the TabletArmor enclosure. All peripherals and cables are secured from public access. This patented feature truly makes the most of your tablet.


XpandIT Controller Board


Peripheral control from iOS

The Apple version of the XpandIT controller board communicates directly to the iPad tablet through the native lightning port. The iPad is also powered and charged directly from the XpandIT board. This is a great space-saving advantage because only one power supply is used to power and charge all devices. Programming efforts are accelerated utilizing the powerful and easy to use iOS SDK program. Have direct control over various peripherals by connecting them to the XpandIT controller board.

Windows and Android

Peripheral Access

Utilizing the powerful SDK interface along with the innovative XpandIT controller board conquer any Windows or Android application that requires peripherals. Peripherals communicate directly to the tablet through the native USB communication port. Power and charging is accomplished by using one power supply attached to the XpandIT board. The combination of the SDK and the XpandIT board quickly allows any application to come to life.

Peripheral Flexibility

Placement on One or All Four Sides

Increase your tablet capabilities by adding one or more peripherals to any side of the TabletArmor enclosure.

The XpandIT Peripherals


XpandIT EMV and Magnetic Stripe Reader

Perfect for Self-Serve Payment

The XpandIT Magnetic Strip and Contact Combo reader is a one-piece payment device wrapped in a small package. With minimum space it can turn any Tablet Armor enclosure into a POS or unattended payment kiosk. The Magnetic Strip has all the features of the standalone reader. The EMV Level 1 and Level 2 certified contact reader supports ISO/IEC 78167-1, 2, 3, & 4 ICC interfaces, ICC Types # of Card = 1, Asynchronous, T=0 & T=1.TDES and AES encryption and Level. Security and flexibility contained in one peripheral.

XpandIT Magnetic Stripe Reader

Swipe and Go

The XpandIT EMV Magnetic Strip reader reads all 3 tracks and has a built-in encryption engine for the ultimate security. Supports remote key injection and keys can be pre-injected for any payment application. Supports ISO 7811, AAMVA, and CA DMV. Swipe and go with confidence.

XpandIT Fingerprint Reader

One Touch Access

The XpandIT capacitive fingerprint readers provide quick and reliable biometric authentication. The patented technology reaches into the ridges and valleys of the fingerprint and captures a wide range of fingerprint images that normally could not be captured and verified. The XpandIT fingerprint reader uses the Digital Persona's engine to authentication the image. This proven technology brings confidence and reliability to any security authentication application. FIPS 201 PIV Certified.

XpandIT Proximity Reader

Cardless Touch Technology

The XpandIT 13.56MHz HF Proximity NFC reader offers the market-proven OMNIKEY reader feature set and supports low and high-frequency technology within a single device. It also supports the latest mobile access solutions via NFC or Bluetooth Smart. Key features of the XpandIT Proximity peripheral include support for the most common low and high-frequency card technologies, including Seos®, iCLASS, MIFARE, and HID Prox. A perfect solution for Tablet Armor time and attendance or access control applications.

XpandIT Barcode Reader

Snappy Read Rates

The latest development in imaging technology, scientific CMOS (SCMOS) sensors simultaneously delivers high sensitivity, fast readout speeds, and low noise. The SCMOS sensor with special analog and digital design offers cameras fit to majority of barcode and image applications. The 2 super bright red LED’s and green aiming LED bar can read 1D, 2D, QR code, PDF417 (see specification sheet for full list of supported symbologies).

XpandIT Passport (MRZ) Reader

When verification means everything

An OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine that captures all data from Machine Readable travel documents. This includes Passports, Visas, US and international resident permits as well as European and other national ID cards conforming to ICAO 9303 & ISO/IEC 7501-1 (2 and 3-line MRZ). It will also read the new ISO/IEC 18013-1 driving licenses (1-line MRZ), so is future-proofed. The Bi-directional OCR reader is equipped with fast data decoding.

XpandIT Amplified Speaker

Visual is not always enough

Optional internal amplified high-quality speakers provide stereo audio at up to 2W per channel. High efficiency Class-D amplifier has an adjustable gain. The speaker enclosures are designed to optimize speaker acoustic performance.

Xpand your Application Today!

Add to your Tablet Armor Enclosures and conquer your application


Two XpandIT controller boards one for Apple and one for Windows\Android tablets
Powerful SDK for iOS, Windows and Andriod
XpandIT controller board powers peripherals and tablet
One power source
Seven different peripherals are supported
Attach up to four peripherals to any TabletArmor enclosure
Field upgradable XpandIT controller and peripherals
All cables are concealed and secured from the public
Seamless and sleek appearance

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