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Retail Applications

Point of Sale

○ Sleek and Elegant TabletArmor POS
○ Full POS functionality
○ Accept payment using XpandIT peripherals
○ Onscreen Digital signature and receipts
○ Drive cash drawer and POS printers
○ Scan barcodes and coupons

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Price Checker
Scan Tags

○ TabletArmor self-serve price checker kiosk
○ Customers can get pricing real-time
○ Check gift card balance and loyalty point balance
○ Call for assistance
○ Employees can execute shelf replenishment
○ Snappy 1D and 2D barcode scanning
○ Barcode scanner has laser alignment
○ Easy to mount, desk, wall or floor

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Catalog Ordering
Instore out of stock or catalog orders

○ TabletArmor can be placed in multiple places around the store
○ Customers can search for other products
○ Customers can order out of stock sizes or colors
○ Store employees can update inventory shortages
○ Digital signage can be displayed when not in use
○ Gift card balance and loyalty point lookup
○ Scan barcodes and coupons

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Restaurant Applications

Self-Serve Ordering
Letting your staff do more

○ Advance ordering station
○ Redeem\check rewards points
○ Coupon station
○ Check food ingredients and calories
○ Advertise new food and drink products
○ Advertise food and drink specials
○ Large takeout party orders

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Electronic Table Menus
Turn tables faster

○ Display your most profitable foods and drinks first
○ Entice ordering with beautiful graphics and pictures
○ Educate the customer on your products
○ Check food ingredients and calories
○ Advertise food and drink specials
○ Communicate with server
○ Place orders
○ Complete surveys for next visit coupons

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Kitchen Ingredient Helper
Putting consistency into your product

○ Lookup and display product ingredients to cooking staff
○ Display work order by station – grill, vegetables, etc.
○ Display pictures of ingredients and the final product
○ Display cook time for each product
○ Check and update inventory
○ Food scheduling
○ Kitchen Time Clock

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Hotels \ Hospitality Applications

In-Room Digital Concierge
Immediate access

○ In-Room dining menu, ordering, and payment
○ Spa and Saloon reservations
○ Hotel amenities map
○ Transportation scheduling
○ Local events
○ Local restaurants
○ Up-sell and push notifications, promotions, and events
○ Front desk communications

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Lobby Concierge
What, Where, When

○ Streamline check-in, pick room, print, and pay
○ Automated check-out, print, and pay
○ Key creation integrated key encoders
○ Spa and Saloon reservations
○ Hotel amenities map
○ Transportation scheduling
○ Local events
○ Local restaurants
○ Use as a digital signage display when not in use

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Flight Check-In Concierge
Print and Fly

○ Book flights
○ Flight check-in
○ Print boarding pass
○ Email access
○ Weather access
○ Hotel amenities map
○ Local events
○ Local restaurants
○ Display advertising when not in use

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Medical Applications

Patient Check-In Kiosk
Get HIPPA Complaint

○ Unattended patient check-In
○ HIPPA compliant check-in and timestamp
○ Patient name and medical professional confidentiality
○ Capture electronic payment of insurance deductible
○ Capture check-out time stamp, realize true elapse visit times
○ Capture online patient exit survey

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Patient Education Kiosk
Give your patient knowledge

○ Multilanguage device
○ Educate about stress, diabetes, blood pressure, etc.
○ Heathy eating Information
○ Exercise benefit Information
○ Basic body knowledge
○ Basic surgical procedures
○ Find a pharmacy near you

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Appointment Scheduling Kiosk
Getting a date and time

○ View all upcoming appointments
○ Schedule next appointments
○ Print appointment reminders
○ Setup email appointment reminder
○ Doctor and office lookup
○ Facilities map
○ Display advertising when not in use

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