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Time Clock Application

TabletArmor goes biometric to speed up time clock punch in and out

It's 7:00 am at a fancy casino hotel. The day shift employees have arrived at the hotel to start the workday. Fifteen people are lined up ready to clock in for the day. Seems like an average workday for most of the employees in line with the exception of two employees. They are in somewhat of a panic. They have forgotten their employee badges at home and the supervisor is running late!

What a mess, now two employees can’t clock in. This triggers a costly chain of events. These employees don’t start on time and the supervisor who is running late has to manually create an exception in the system. The company loses productivity and the employees who forgot their badges start ½ late (x 2) because they are looking for the supervisor who is running late. It’s a loss of an hour of productivity.

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How could of this been avoided?

Our customer needed to solve three main problems when searching for a solution.
1. Create a time clock system that employees can clock in without badges.
2. The time clock needs to be on the network but it can’t be attached by WiFi or Ethernet.
3. The time clock needs to be cost-effective and modular so it can be upgraded and easily replaced when things break.

Biometric reader to the rescue!

Using biometric technology an employee can clock in by using a fingerprint. No need to issue or produce badges. The employee types in their employee Id number, the program finds their fingerprint record in the employee database. They are then prompted to scan their fingerprint. The process is fast and accurate.

The second challenge was to come up with a cost-effective way to communicate to the network without the use of WiFi and Ethernet. The answer came by using an off the shelf low-cost cellular Verizon\Samsung tablet in conjunction with the INDUCOMP’s TabletArmor enclosure.

The final challenge was to find a solution that is secure, modular and cost-effective. This problem was solved by using the secured TabletArmor enclosure, modular XpandIT controller and fingerprint peripheral. The combination of TabletArmor products and the Verizon\Samsung solutions make all components field upgradable. Each component is simple to replace and does not require a technician to upgrade or change out components.


INDUCOMP’s innovative TabletArmor products helped our customer to solve their application problems by being cost-effective, cellular, modular and bio-metric.

The TabletArmor line support all operating systems, Apple (IOS), Microsoft Windows and Android.

Discover how INDUCOMP’s TabletArmor products can streamline your application.

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