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Inventing better fitness access

Custom designed relay system for fitness centers across the country

Working out at a fitness club can sometimes be challenging in our busy lives. Some people can work out in the early morning and some prefer to work out late at night. Many fitness clubs now stay open 24/7 to accommodate their customers.

Our customer the largest provider of software and services to the fitness industry needed a compact and reliable door relay system that could be used to control door access in any fitness club.

Before coming to INDUCOMP our customer combined off the shelf components to accomplish an automated key or card driven access control system for entry into a fitness club. However, using multiple vendors, various cables and various boards turned out to be unreliable and the parts were hard to source. In addition, Vendors changed components often.

They needed a reliable stable solution that was compact and had the features to control fitness club door access.


Our customer needed to solve the four main problems when searching for a solution.

1. Cost-effective
2. Compact
3. Reliable components that would be available for years, not months
4. Find a reliable supply chain


To solve this problem INDUCOMP sat down with all the original components from other vendors and made a list of desired features, then went to work.

INDUCOMP’s electrical engineers began designing a compact single board relay that could be placed in an off the shelf plastic enclosure. Using the off the shelf plastic enclosure saved the customer from having us make a custom plastic injection tool and part. Instead of silk screening each port on the box the parts were engraved with INDUCOMP’s laser.

To reduce cost INDUCOMP had the custom relay controller board manufactured in China. Designing the rely controller board as a single board device meant no cables were necessary. This helped on reliability and ease of installation in the field.

INDUCOMP’s innovation truly improved access to fitness clubs across America.

Do you have a product that you need streamlined? Call one of our design engineers today.

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