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Hurricane Xtreme™ Industrial Computer

Cruise Ship Back of House (kitchen) Application

Smooth sailing ahead for major cruise ships kitchens

If you have ever cooked at home? If so, you know that a kitchen can be a hostile environment. Kitchens can rival any industrial environment. Heat, water, steam and foods that contain acids.

When you’re the largest cruise line on the planet you need a reliable industrial computer that will work day after day while sailing around the world.

At sea, you are responsible for feeding thousands of guests throughout the day and night. Orders must be reliably conveyed to the kitchen. You can’t afford for the computer to fail at dinner time. Especially on filet and lobster night.

Cook too many lobsters and filets and thousands of dollars can be lost in one night. You need real-time information from the front of the house to make the right amount of food.

Our customer was looking for the most reliable computer they could find. They need to keep a stream of changing data displayed from the front of the house to the back of the house.

That’s when they came to INDUCOMP.


Our customer needed to solve the four main problems when searching for a solution.
1. Waterproof rugged computer
2. Could withstand heat and high humidity
3. Large display screen
4. High reliability


INDUCOMP designed a waterproof cast aluminum, large display screen computer that could be desk, wall or arm mounted.


Making a computer rugged and reliable takes a little doing. Some of today’s applications require faster processors which generate heat. So can a design encompass higher heat processors, sealing the computer while creating a product with high reliability?

INDUCOMP’s engineering team went to work designing a cast aluminum enclosure that would dissipate heat generated from the processor, hard drive and LED display. Once that was designed the power supply was separated and stored into its own cast aluminum sealed enclosure. This power supply enclosure is mounted a half inch off the back of the main enclosure keeping the two heat sources separated.

The main enclosure was created so standard cables such as Ethernet, USB and serial cables could be passed through a special water-resistant foam. This foam forms and seals around the cables. Once a cable passed through this special foam it can be attached to the port on the computer.

A large 19” LED display was used so those cooks in the kitchen could easily see the fonts on the screen and read the incoming orders.

The design of the Hurricane Xtreme produced the highest reliability. Our customer has installed hundreds of this product throughout every ship in the fleet. They have enjoyed years and years of reliable and not stop use.

Reliability was the most important feature that was required by this application. Let’s face it, where do you find a repair center or even a technician to replace or repair a computer while at sea?

You can’t. The computer must be reliable from the time you leave port until you return back to port. INDUCOMP’s Hurricane Xtreme has been sailing smoothly for many years delivering meal orders to hundreds of thousands of people. It saved our customer tens of thousands of dollars knowing what to cook and when to cook it.

Let us help you find the most reliable product for your application.

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