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Check Cashing Signature Verification Application

Keeping everything secure from the public

Traditional banking hours don’t work for everyone. Have you ever needed to cash a check when traditional banks were closed? Maybe you work a second shift job and need to do your banking after midnight.

Or maybe, for whatever reason, you just like to do your financial transactions when others are asleep. Lucky for you there are places that will cash your checks any time day or night.

Unfortunately, the people who manage these establishments need to be protected behind bulletproof glass.

This means that the signature capture device also needs to be on the other side of the glass on the other side of where the attendant is located.

Traditional payment and signature capture devices when placed on a stand have all the cables exposed to the public. This leaves the teller and business exposure to danger. What happens if a customer unplugs a cable to the signature capture device? Does the teller leave the safety of the back-office to plug it back in? Does the teller have to call the police to come and escort them from the back-office door to the signature device just to get the application running? What happens when customers can cash a check at 2:45 am until the police arrive?

Our customer decided not to take the chance and came to us trying to find a rugged but elegant stand to mount their signature capture device to that would secure all cables from the public for each of their remote check cashing facilities.


Our customer needed to solve the four main problems when searching for a solution.

1. Have no cables exposed to the public?
2. Bolt the stand to the countertop with all cables running through the countertop
3. Have the stand adjustable for customers and ADA customers


INDUCOMP’s AtlasPower FlexPlus countertop stand. The stand is made out of a special rugged impact resistant plastic.

The FlexPlus stand kit comes with a selection of various pole shafts that will change the height of the stand. Different facilities may require different stand heights to accommodate the height of the counter.

The FlexPlus can be locked in a stationary position or can be unlocked to swivel, tilt, and turn. This flexibility makes it ideal for ADA compliant applications such as public 24-hour check cashing.

The FlexPlus stand meets PCI DSS compliant test for card reader and signature capture stands. All cables are never exposed to the public because they run down the inside center of the FLEXplus stand.

Each stand was bolted to each countertop using 6 bolts that are fastened under the countertop.

Our customer selected the AtlasPower FLEXplus countertop stand because it meets the needs of all their facilities across the country.

Flexible, safe and secure. Select the AtlasPower FlexPlus stand for your next project.

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