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What Can You Do With Mobile Device Management?

Is it important for your company?

Company XYZ is a large enterprise with multiple locations. They previously purchased 10,000 mobile devices and disbursed them company wide. Now, they can only account for 7,500. That means 25 percent of their mobile computer inventory is missing.

Twenty-five percent!

Where are they? Are they lost forever or temporarily misplaced? Have they been stolen? Did they break and get thrown out by an unwitting employee?

Company XYZ loses millions of dollars in revenue replacing these “lost” devices that are oftentimes just misplaced.

This is a scenario that is all too familiar to many enterprises. Keeping track of mobile inventory is a challenge to many. So how could Company XYZ avoid unnecessary replacement costs and lost revenue from associated downtime?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) software can track every mobile device across all locations and remotely lock and wipe a device that has been misplaced, lost or stolen to protect the data stored on it from a security breach. Each unit can be traced in real time so no downtime is experienced, no manpower is wasted on hide-and-seek and no costly replacements are needed. The service virtually pays for itself.

Sounds like a win-win.

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