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Disposal of Electronics

What to do with it?

You may have heard that electronics and batteries, when disposed of improperly, can be potentially hazardous waste. It’s true, and they can harm not only the environment, but its inhabitants as well. Computers, printers and similar electronics often contain lead, mercury and/or cadmium. When thrown in the trash and taken to a landfill, the toxins from these metals can seep into the soil and pollute water sources, resulting in contaminated drinking water and lakes and streams unsuitable for swimming, fishing and sustaining wildlife.


So what is a safe alternative to the dumpster? For starters, why not recycle? And no, we don’t mean to put it in the same bin as your empty soda cans and water bottles.


Responsible Recycling


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When recycling electronic waste, avoid recyclers who ship the disposed products overseas for processing. This e-waste may otherwise end up in the hands of disassembly workers in developing countries, exposing them (and their groundwater) to the harmful toxic elements.


So where should you send your e-recycling?


floatLeft height100 To find a recycler who will handle e-waste in a globally responsible and safe way look for the e-Stewards® certification. Verified recyclers take necessary measures to protect the ecosystem as well as human health. For a list of e-Stewards Recyclers and more about e-Stewards Certification, see


Give Back


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure donate used (not broken) equipment to services that provide second-hand computers and electronics to schools or charitable organizations. Just ask them to use an e-Stewards certified recycler when the time comes.

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