POS Credit Card Terminal Stand and Tablet Mounting Solutions

Introducing the AtlasPower™ FLEXplus™

The stand that does more

The Patented FLEXplus combines security and flexibility in an attractive countertop POS credit card terminal stand and tablet stand. All cables are stored within the pole of the stand and the device can be locked with a key of by fasteners. It’s the perfect solution for POS payment devices, signature pads, and tablet case.


Custom Brackets

Adapting to any credit card reader or tablet case

We have made the FLEXplus so flexible that we can create custom brackets to adapt to any POS credit card reader or terminal, payment device, signature capture terminal or tablet case. If we don’t already make the device bracket for your device, call us and we will create it.


PCI DSS Compliant

Secure and Safe

The AltlasPower FLEXplus meets PCI DSS compliant test for card reader stands. Each adapter plate can be secured with a unique lock or tamper-proof mounting hardware. No cables or fasteners are exposed to the public.

ADA Compliant

ADA forward tilt and turn

Access for All

The FLEXplus ADA compliant effortless 270° turning radius and tilt forward hinge provides a smooth interaction with the user and the device mounted to the stand.


Manufactured to cost less

But looks good all the time

Paint gets chipped over time leaving rust and an unattractive look. The FLEXplus was designed and manufactured to eliminate manual manufacturing process thus making it cost effective. By using a special blend of rugged impact plastic, the stand will never lose its color or will rust due to scratches. It looks attractive all the time.

Height Adjustment

Three adjustable heights

Low, higher, even higher

With three adjustable heights the FLEXplus can meet the needs of any countertop payment stand application. All three heights are included with each stand. Heights are 4.25” (107.95mm), 6.5” (165.1mm) and 9.0” (228.6mm)

Tilt Adjustment

Seven Position ratchet adjustable tilt

Works great at any angle

The adjustable friction tilt gives users on-demand positioning. The seven position ratchet adjustable tilt can be locked in any of the seven ratchet positions making a fixed position stand.

Landscape or Portrait

90° landscape or portrait rotation

Change the face

Lock the AtlasPower FLEXplus in either landscape or portrait orientation. Perfect for tablets or signature pads that require a different orientation. Unlock for full 90° rotation.

Countertop Mounting

Mount directly to the counter

Up or under mounting

Six bolts secure the FLEXplus to the countertop giving it a stout secure feel as the users sign a signature pad, swipes a credit card or passport. Great for touchscreen applications

Heavy Base

Heavy base stand

Countertop stability

Not every application requires the device to be bolted the countertop. The optional heavy base bolts to the bottom of the FLEXplus. Cable come throught the base and out the dedicated cable exit holes giving it a finished professional look.


Patented stand
Adapts to any POS credit card terminal
Adapts to any tablet case
PCI DSS compliant stand
ADA compliant – Tilt forward
Cost effective
Not painted, never chips
Rugged impact resistant plastic
Three adjustable heights
Seven position ratchet adjustable tilt
Tilt can be locked in position
Landscape or portrait rotation 90°
Mounts directly to countertop
Optional heavy base

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