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NEMAview Plus
Industrial Panel PC
Base Price $1,333.95
NEMAview Plus 10" Panel PC
4 GB
Operating System
No Operating System
Base Configuration
10" Bright LED display
Resistive Touch
Processor - N3710, 2.56 Ghz, quad core
SATA SSD 64 GB High Temp HD
Eternal Power Supply
4 GB Memory
No Operating System
Est. Shipping 1-6 weeks, Call for lead time
Cast aluminum panel
O-Ring sealed panel
Five display sizes
Rugged touch screen
Modular Industrial Computer
Easy-Clamp mounting hardware
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Industrial Panel PC Computer - NEMAview Plus

The NEMAview Plus™ Panel PC – comes complete with a single board computer, full operating system, high-speed processor, and hard drive. The industrial computer is detachable. It is secured with screws to the back of the NEMAview™ panel LED monitor, so you can quickly and easily upgrade your industrial panel PCs technology changes without demounting the panel monitor. An ideal solution for an HMI panel, a rugged PC or an operator interface application found in manufacturing, retail, medical and automotive, food, metal and, marine industries.


Cast Aluminum
Sleek attractive front panel PC with radius corners with a thin transition to the mounting surface.


The industrial panel PC is sealed from outside environments. This is accomplished with an oversized O-ring gasket


Secure panel PC without studs and fasteners. No complicated mounting patterns. Cut rectangle hole, mount, turn, and secure with EasyClamp mounting clips.


Upgrade to a new computer without demounting the monitor with our innovative modular detachable industrial computer.

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