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We offer two comprehensive roll-out service plans the TouchPLUS™ and ONETouch™. These two plans although different give customers a choice of which plan will work best for their installation. Perhaps these two programs do not fit the exact needs of your project. In that case, we are happy to customize a plan to will meet the project’s objective. Our goal is to make the deployment of TabletArmor products seamless and painless to your staff and\or customers. Call us today to discuss your deployment needs.


TouchPLUSTM Rollout Plan

Using all resources

The TouchPLUS™ Rollout Service Plan utilizes any combination of ways to complete the install.  We use or own employees and contractors where needed.  All products are shipped to each of the rollout facilities.  A dedicated fulltime INDUCOMP project manager will coordinate with the field technicians to make sure all task are complete.  The project manager will coordinate with each facilities manager to make sure all packages, all additional services that are need have been scheduled and the work has been inspected and signed off by the customer.  In addition, if anything is missing or if a product does not work while the field technician is at the rollout facility the project manager will coordinate next day delivery of any need parts.  The TouchPLUS rollout plan labor can be a fixed bid labor or an hourly charge depending on the project.
TouchPLUS Summary

Coordinated by an INDUCOMP project manager
Utilize INDUCOMP employees and contractors where needed
Products are shipped to rollout facility
Work is inspected and signed off by customer
Fixed bid by facility or hourly charge depending on the project
This plan works well for smaller projects and projects that require a slower rollout


ONEtouchTM Rollout Plan

When hand delivery is important

The ONEtouch™ Rollout Service Plan is a plan where the INDUCOMP project manager uses the same technician over and over to deliver rollout products and services. The products are hand delivered to the rollout facility. Each technician is fully trained at our facility or the customer’s facility prior to the rollout. Utilizing over the road vehicles, each vehicle is pre-packed with all the equipment need for the rollout. Each technician will go on the road following a pre-determined route and install multiple rollout facilities. This repetitive installation familiarizes the technician with the business, the various types of facilities and any obstacles that might be found at all facilities. Working with the project manager these obstacles can be avoided by adjusting the rollout service real time.

In addition, if there are any other services that need to be completed while at the facilities, the project manager can work with the customer to complete those task while having a technician while onsite. One advantage to using the ONEtouch plan is that if anything goes wrong with the equipment, installations tools, cables etc. the INDUCOMP technician will have spare parts on the truck. The ONEtouch plan is quoted to the customer as a fixed bid by facility charge or by task charge. All additional work that needs to be completed beyond the original scope of work will be negotiated at a fixed charge amount or an hourly charge depending on the project. This plan creates the least amount of impact on the facilities because of its flexibility of time and the ability to have a single well-trained technician working with the rollout facility.
ONEtouch Summary

Coordinated by and INDUCOMP project manager
Dedicated INDUCOMP technicians
Technicians are trained at INDUCOMP or customers facility
The Same Technician installs multiple rollout sites
Repetitive installs by the same technician results in better installs
Products are hand delivered to rollout facility
If needed, extra equipment, cables, and tools are on the technician’s truck
Work is inspected and signed off by customer
Charges can be fixed bid by facility or task, depending on the project
This plan works well for large projects that require a complex, hands-on fast rollout


HardwarePLUSTM Warranty Plans

More than a manufactures warranty

We offer four different standard extended warranty plans along with custom customer driven warranty plans. Each plan can be bundled with our HelpdeskPLUS™ program. This program can give 8/5 or 24/7 help desk support.
HardwarePLUS Summary

HardwarePLUS - Depot Warranty
HardwarePLUS - Standard Product Replacement Warranty
HardwarePLUS - Advance Product Replacement Warranty
HardwarePLUS – Onsite Service Warranty

Contact an INDUCOMP sales technician for more details.


Two comprehensive Rollout plans
The TouchPLUS plan ideal for smaller or slower rollout projects
The ONEtouch plan ideal for larger more complex or faster rollout projects
Custom rollout plans are available
HardwarePLUS, four standard extended warranty plans
Custom warranty plans can be created to meet the special needs of the project
The HelpdeskPLUS program support 8/5 and 24/7 helpdesk support
Offering support plans that deliver complete care from sale to support

Rollout out new products and services for your business

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